Starting Over

I love to stand and look out of my front window. In fact its the place I gravitate to more than any other in my house. When talking on the phone I stand there, when drinking my coffee I stand there, Mr Almost 2 and I stand there when waving McDreamy aka daddy off to work each day. Its one of my favourite places to be. From my window I can just about see mum and grandads bungalow, the lake, the roaches, the wind turbine at top of the hill, and, Mr Almost 2’s favourite, the high school football pitches. So last night when McDreamy aka daddy and I put Mr Almost 2 to bed I stood and watched the snow falling from the front window. I’m not a great lover of snow but there’s something magical about how it coats everything in a uniform blanket of white, turning the world into a blank canvas. The cracks in the pavement and mismatching tarmac of the bike path are forgotten. Its almost like we are starting over. This is our chance to wash away the years impurities and start a fresh, not with the coming of the new year, but with the coming of the first snow. Forget your snow ball fights and snow angels, embrace the change that this icy cold goodness brings.

photo (1)

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